Consulting Approach

What is the good management cycle structure existing in excellent companies ?
In mid and long term, the VSTPDCA management cycle functions correctly based on corporate vision structuring core management. Furthermore, the management cycle structure consists of good large and small systems, which are chained to the generation of good corporate culture and custom. As the result, ideal and eternal management cycle for growth and revolution is to be built up. In that sense, enterprise cycle can be called enterprise governance in other words. We support the fundamental solution for management issues from bird's-eye, structural and principle point of view.


Consulting ApproachⅡ

Excellent company must have right system, which each strategy can be shared up to field operation.
In particular, we call the right redefined word as tactics to realize「tactical issue」which was discussed thoroughly, using their own words at field operation.
It is very crucial to establish the system to be supported solution for tactical issue of front office based on sales operation by back office based on HR department, information system one and so on.
We realize support to redefine downstream tactical issue from upstream strategy one by skill transfer through coaching session.


Consulting ApproachⅢ

After converting strategy into tactics, furthermore organization and HR system are required to solve tactical issues practically.
・In short, we need the system to evaluate and train or educate in response to performance outcome by mission.
・In particular, it would be key to design the system for specifying what and on what criteria or why evaluate, which is core framework of HR policy and structure.
・We convert tactical issues into tree structures of knowledge, skill and experience in order to solve issues. In particular, support program development for leader training.